Having an energy session with Lisa is the most refreshing and re energizing thing I could have ever done for myself. Her ability to connect to energy and download the specific information I needed is the magic held with each session! Everything is customized to what you and your body need in that moment. Thank you Lisa for sharing your gifts with me. I feel blessed to know you.


Lisa was our in-store Reader for the month of July 2019 and she was such a perfect fit for our customers and our space! We were impressed at how Lisa held space for her clients, with grace and with ease. This lady is a genuine light and it is apparent that she is dedicated to working with Spirit to help others heal. We are excited to be co-creating with Lisa in a workshop setting fall of 2019, and we will continue to highly recommend her to anyone seeking an authentic intuitive reader or medium.

Tammy & Aimee

Lisa and I have been working together for under a year, but the growth + transformations I’ve had, feels like a decade of work. Lisa has helped me breakthrough childhood trauma, cleared trapped emotions that have been mine, inherited and absorbed, intuitively cleared my home of stagnant energy that I was completely unaware of, and mentored me to expand my self-awareness, develop and strengthen my own intuition and gifts, as well as manifest my dream life (career, car + much, much more). For those who have been by my side throughout this journey, they can attest to the transformation the I’ve had and continue to evolve through. I continue to grow and expand my capacity for life, emotions, thoughts + feelings as we dig deep to uncover conditioning or old programming buried deep in my soul. While we’ve been working together, I have overcome crippling anxiety, deep depression, heartache, broken away abusive relationships and continue on my path of sobriety – every area of my life has been touched and filled with hope, love and determination. I am so grateful for the unconditional love Lisa shows me as a client + mentee; she is wholeheartedly invested in seeing me be the best version of me, and holds me accountable to my own actions and programming that limit me, in a way that is full of grace, care and empathy. There aren’t enough words to describe the gratitude I have for Lisa as a human + for the gifts she has been sharing with me + the world. Through her gifts + healing modalities, I’ve been introduced to a natural home-like connection with something bigger than I, that has honestly saved my life more than once. Lisa has lit a fire in my soul that shines brighter than anything, and when it starts to dim, she is by my side + sharing her gifts to help me work through any adversity I may face. She brings the light, love + strength needed when life feels too human through connecting with spirit + bringing messages of clarity + comfort to move forward. With every interaction I have with Lisa, I feel my heart, spirit + mind expand – everyone needs a Lisa in their life.

Sheena C

Working with Lisa has opened my mind and heart to new possibilities. She’s helped me release my emotional baggage and change my view on the world. She has helped me find my voice and speak up for the things I truly need in this life, in a way that serves everyone and comes from a place of love. Because of Lisa I can see the world with a new perspective.

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