Presale: Light Code Oracle Deck


Don’t hesitate! Purchase your deck today to receive these amazing bonuses!

Additional Bonuses are valued at $350 plus when purchased by October 18th @ 4:33pm CST
☆ Gift with Purchase Entry valued at over $300
☆ One Card Pull by Wings of Awakening valued at $45
☆ One Large 8 x 11 Print of the Abundance Light Code Card valued at $38

Gift with Purchase includes:
☆ One Signature JMS Candle valued at $33
☆ One JMS Scarf valued at $75
☆ 1 hour Reading with Wings of Awakening valued at $110
☆ A Dynamic Set of 7 Crystals valued at $75
☆ A Light Code Oracle Deck to Gift valued at $53.99

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